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Priapus Shot® - Rejuvenate Your Love Life!

New Erectile Dysfunction treatment breakthrough

Experience joy and happiness again!

As men age, sexual performance can decline naturally. Medical conditions like diabetes, prostate cancer, the after-effects of surgery and hardening of the arteries can also cause loss of function. No matter what the cause, Priapus Shot®┬áis designed to deliver lasting improvements in sexual performance to men.

Yes men, its possible to restore the performance you enjoyed as a young man. Following treatment patients have reported:

  • Increased firmness of erection
  • Greater ability to please partner
  • Improved sexual capabilities
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Greater sensation and pleasure
  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Enhanced appearance

Yes this treatment can: Rejuvenate Your Love Life!

How it Works

Priapus Shot® was developed by Dr. Charles Runels M.D., inventor of the Vampire Facelift. In both procedures the patients own blood is drawn and processed to create Platelet Rich Plasma. The patients own blood is supercharged and then safely and painlessly reintroduced into the body. This releases seven different growth factors including unipotent stem cells to promote the growth of new healthy tissue. While this procedure is new as a treatment for sexual health, it has been used for years to treat knee and elbow injuries in professional athletes, speeding healing and restoring them to top condition quickly. It is also now used routinely in surgeries of all kinds to reduce scaring and to greatly reduce post-surgical pain.

Certified and Licensed Treatment

Both Dr. Pat Sharratt, D.O. and Dr. Robert Newberry, MD have been trained, certified and licensed by Dr. Runels to administer this innovative new treatment at the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. We start the treatment by using a topical anesthetic to numb the area completely. We then inject the activated Platelet Rich Plasma using a tiny needle. Most patients feel no pain at all. We then use a medical grade vacuum pump to engorge the area, insuring that the platelets are fully distributed. As a follow-up treatment Dr Sharratt recommends 20 minutes of pumping on a daily basis to insure best results during the first three months. With this supplemental treatment some patients have reported increases in length and girth as a desirable side-effect of this therapy.

Do Your Research

Be sure to do your own research online. Priapusshot.com is a great source of information. Reread our information here carefully too...If you are suffering from a lack of intimacy caused by erectile dysfunction due to natural aging or any number of medical conditions, P-Shot® can be your solution. If youve tried the pills, supplements and other methods but have not gotten the results you want, the P-Shot® may be your solution. Some now even refer to it as the "Power Shot" because it can truly: Rejuvenate Your Love Life.

When you are ready, contact the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute to schedule your free consultation: 214.265.8300.