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The world of anti-aging medicine has been revolutionized by advancements to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and our professionals at Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness are proud to be able to bring these procedures to our clients. PRP therapy utilizes the patient’s own blood to revitalize, restore, and generally revamp troubled areas and unfavorable conditions. Most PRP therapy sessions are out-patient procedures and involve extracting blood, centrifuging it, and reinjecting it where necessary. Due to the fact that PRP therapy uses your own blood and platelets, it has been considered highly-effective with little to no chance of complications in most treatment options.

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Vampire Designer Series

For people who want to look, feel, and behave younger but do not want to undergo surgery or use synthetic injections, PRP therapy really is the go-to solution. You will rest easier knowing that your own body is supplying the “medicine” necessary for your treatment, with minimal technological intervention.

  • Vampire Facelift®

    Aging skin can be gray, droopy, and bumpy, and worst of all, it usually starts to show up first on your face. A Vampire Facelift® can address all of these issues in a relatively simple procedure that is not reliant on surgery.

  • Vampire Facial®

    Stimulate and regenerate your skin, collagen, and elastin with a Vampire Facial® that uses PRP therapy to clean, revive, and protect your face from signs of aging.

  • Vampire Breast Lift®

    If your breasts have lost their shape, smoothness, or sensitivity, then Vampire Breast Lift ®, a non-surgical procedure, can help restore your breasts to be more aesthetically and physically pleasing.

  • O-Shot®

    After menopause, pregnancy, or other natural events, many women report a significant drop in sex drive. Restore it with the O-Shot®! You can look and feel better and enjoy great sex with your partner once again through PRP therapy.

  • Priapus Shot®

    Men affected by erectile dysfunction or a generally low sex drive are bombarded with treatment options, many of which are ineffective, slow-working, or overpriced. PRP therapy in the form of the Priapus Shot® is a quick, painless solution that uses the power of your own blood to make you feel confident and virile again.

  • Vampire Hair Restoration

    Combining micro-needling technology with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Vampire Hair Re-Growth® effectively treats thinning and receding hair. Men and women who have used this advance treatment have reported incredible results.

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PRP therapy is the new wave of safe, effective, and natural treatments for a wide variety of medical conditions. From preventing complications in the future to restoring your appearance, our Dallas PRP therapy specialists can consult with you for free to discover what options and procedures are right for you. We have dozens of recent 5-star testimonials from real clients, and we know we can bring that level of satisfaction to you.

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WARNING: The Vampire procedures listed are licensed, trademarked procedures that are receiving a lot of press and many imposters are appearing, offering the procedures by the trademarked name, but it is NOT the same. These imposters are not certified and trained on the specific medical procedures/techniques by the inventor and may not be using FDA approved blood processing materials which could be unsafe, or at the least ineffective. Doctors using the name when they are not licensed to do so are committing trademark infringement and are subject to serious legal consequences.

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